Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dog Sitting

My son Robbie and his girlfriend Keslyn took off to visit Keslyn's brother in St.Louis on Friday.

Robbie asked if we would keep Thomas while they were away. Thomas in the past has had quite a bit of spunk and exitability. However we have found him to be more subdued than we have ever seen him.

Except when he bumped this ball we have for the grandchildren. It moved and it was on. I have two videos neither are great but it gives you and idea.

We have enjoyed having a dog in the house again but I don't want another dog after losing Bella to kidney failure, it's just to heartbreaking.

The kids come back this evening and Thomas will go home. Things will be back to normal.


Since I failed to load my doodle pictures before writing this post they are loaded above what I have written to go along with them. Hope this comes out alright in the end. Going forward I am going to use a photo shop program to write and design my post then load it.

Ok I doodle while I'm reading blogs or waiting for something to load on my computer, even while watching tv. I'm no artist but it seems like something my family has always done. I remember finding doodle on the corners of newspapers, junk mail envelopes. We just grab an empty space on paper and go to work. The doodling sometimes even contains scribbles. So I guess I scribble and doodle.

My kids have said they found some of my stuff a bit scary, frightning, or upseting.

I explained to them it's just things I'm randomly doing. Scary stuff may come after watching horror movies or talking to some of my friends with a darker personality.Different things inspire my doodles and scribbles. I do a lot of Jesus, and scripture, crosses, that sort of things. When the grandbabies were born it was room designs and decor, like bunnies, birds, lettering, initials mostly. Sometimes something someone else has done I come home and think bet I could do that, and I do, in my own version of course.

Some of my best doodles are usually over another doodle that started ok but then did not come out in the end. Stuff in the doodle were to disproportionate, uneven, just not to my liking. Then I start another on or near it. Taking off from a line or movement on the paper I'm making. Sometime just a distraction will evolve in a change in a doodle to something entirely different and most times better. In this post are some of my more recent doodles, of which Stacy said she would like to have my tree of life doodle framed. She liked it. I'm thinking of taking it to the photo shop and blowing it up and framing it for her. .